Classic Bingo

If you love playing bingo but find it hard to get the laptop off the kids so you can enjoy a game or two then Classic Bingo could be the answer to all of you problems as it allows you to play your favourite game in the palm of your hand no matter whether you are sat in the kitchen at home or stuck on the bus on the way home from work.

Long Johns Silver

90 ball bingo played on fifteen number cards.


Cards cost 10p each for standard games and 50p each for jackpot games.




The maximum jackpot on Classic Bingo varies but regularly runs into thousands of pounds.

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Classic Bingo is based on 90 ball bingo with the only difference being you play on cards with no spaces between the numbers making them more suitable for mobile phone screens. All cards cost just 10p each and you can select how many you wish to play simply by using the scrolling reel at the bottom of the page then clicking on the “buy” button. You can purchase up to 100 cards per game and the little timer to the left of the card selector lets you know how long before the next game is due to start.

Standard games with Classic Bingo start every three minutes with prizes for one line, two lines and the full house and you will find prize pots comparable to online bingo. During the game the panel at the top of the screen details the value of the prizes you are playing for and the numbers as they are being called. Every twenty minutes Classic Bingo hosts a jackpot game where cards cost 50p and prizes increase dramatically so you have the potential to win thousands of pounds.

“Classic Bingo could be the answer to all of you problems as it allows you to play your favourite game in the palm of your hand!

Classic Bingo Graphics and Features

Classic Bingo is the perfect game if you are looking for a mobile alternative to the game you usually play online. The graphics are clear and everything is well laid out so your screen does not feel cluttered in any way at all. All of the features you have come to expect from bingo are there with your best cards being sorted so you know how close you are to winning and you even have the option to pre-purchase cards for the big money jackpot games.

One great feature incorporated into Classic Bingo is chat facility; something the majority of mobile bingo providers overlook. Click on the “chat” button at the bottom of the screen and you can enjoy a bit of banter with your bingo buddies so you do not miss out on that community spirit we all know and love.

More important to remember is that any winnings derived from playing this great game on the go is that these will instantly be added to your mobile casino account!